Hi there!

I'm a hybrid professional - a self-taught product and graphic designer, who can do structural packagin design for print production with academic background in marketing communications.

I'm keen on VFX. It helps me deliver better work. I learn by doing and learning is very important to me. I have a DIY attitude. Being resourceful and finding new ways of doing thins is a trait of mine.

I'll be happy to talk about projects and ideas with you. Feel free to drop me a line at info@digichuckle.nl

Digichuckle is my sole proprietorship, through which I am available for freelance work, but feel free to contact me anyway!



25 January, 2011 - 20 January, 2012


Software: Photoshop



This was a pro bono photoshoot for the great team of Materia B.V. (part of Architectenweb at the time) to show my gratitude for thier business. I had been shooting products for them for months and we continued working together for months after. Check our the examples below.


The products in most cases were material swatches. The challenge was to capture the properties of each material. That required constant adjustments of settings and scene from one material to the next.

Property of Architectenweb - Johan van Hasseltweg 33a, 1021 KN Amsterdam

25 September, 2016


Software: Sketchbook Pro; MoI3D; Solid Edge;
Octane Render; Photoshop; Illustrator

Product design Product development Engineering Photography

Nikon Action Toolbox

One of the best projects ever! I call it a multidisciplinary delight.
Action cameras are very augmented pieces of equipment. Many different set-ups are possible and different people use theirs differently. One of the challenges was to make a bag for a multitude of scenarios. Camera model, type and number of accessories, type of activities, storage and other considerations and different combinations of these. In a word - versatility. The case gives the user options. It can be configured to suit different scenarios because it's modular. Because it's modular, it's saleable. Typically, a user would expand their set gradually, thus the growing need for capacity and versatility.

Property of Red Pimiento - Vijzelgracht 53B, 1017HP Amsterdam

14 September, 2015


Software: MoI3D; Solid Edge; Octane Render; Photoshop; Illustrator

Packaging Engineering Rendering

Retail packaging and counter display in one

HP France called us at Red Pimiento one day asking for a a way to present a (very confidential at the time) tablet in retail with no other tool but its packaging. The packaging planned internally was not suitable for that and plain boring. The shopper was to be able to, first, see how thin the tablet was, then, if the retailer allowed access, to pick and try the device.

This was a multidisciplinary project, too, and one that took lots of coordination with factories, reagonal and headquater client offices, for samples, for approval, and for tests. The packaging was manufactured and HP Envy 8 Note was realeased in it across Europe. See the unboxing video.


Property of Red Pimiento - Vijzelgracht 53B, 1017HP Amsterdam

7 January, 2016


Software: MoI3D; Octane Render; Photoshop; Illustrator

Concept Packaging 3D

pure and cure

AGENCYNL (they are great btw!) was proposing bundling options to Weleda (an all-natural cosmetics company) that wanted to sell travel sized packages at stations and airports (you know, something you could just throw in your luggage last minute.)

I had to communicate Weleda's commitment to sustainability and harmony between nature and mankind. The ointments in that first aid bundle were to heal and protect you. To sell that promise, I needed to convey a sense of trustworthiness, purity and safeguarding.

The bundels were not manufactured, but they inspired AGENCYNL and their client for something even bigger!

Property of Red Pimiento - Vijzelgracht 53B, 1017HP Amsterdam

12 September, 2016


Software: MoI3D; Unwrap 3D; After Effects;
Substance Painter; Element 3D; Illustrator

Motion graphic

See better, work better

MoI3D is a fantastic piece of software. It's the start of my pipeline when clients submit CAD data that I need to bring into Substance Painter for texturing or into After Effects. I'd typically have to remodel at least a part of it and assign basic materials. It's got a great .obj exporter, too, with lots of control over mesh tessellation, which makes UV-ing simpler. I like precision and this pipeline has proven very accurate and predictable.

7 March, 2016


Software: MoI3D; Octane Render; Photoshop

Concept Packaging

Mysteriously exclusive

Moulded pulp packaging is much less present on store shelves than conventional cardboard boxes. The creative freedom it offers is fantastic and that can break up the overwhelming sameness on the shelves, in which products become lost. I'd like to see that more out there, but start-up costs for it can be a big disadvantage.

Property of Red Pimiento - Vijzelgracht 53B, 1017HP Amsterdam

19 November, 2015


Software: MoI3D; Octane Render; Fusion 8; Photoshop

Concept Packaging

Tough as a brick

Whenever possible I design packaging which "tells a story" about the product just by its shape, materials and attributes, not by means of word. It relies on intuition and reading shapes, rather than sentences. Not to say you don't need the latter. Ultimately, they should work well together by, first - attracting, and second - informing.

I was inspired by nature for this concept. Nature and math. Did you know that only 15 types of concave pentagons have been discovered, which can tile with one type of tile only? (see the tiled pentagon boxes on the image above) The last one was discovered in 2015.

Property of Red Pimiento - Vijzelgracht 53B, 1017HP Amsterdam

12 August, 2013


Software: InDesign; Photoshop; Illustrator



Once I thought I could become a teacher. Until now, I still like teaching people around me. Writing the official European packaging guidelines for bundle promotion of Nikon was like writing a textbook. The challenge was to make it understandable for the designers AS WELL AS for the managers at mar-comm.

Property of Red Pimiento - Vijzelgracht 53B, 1017HP Amsterdam

6 November, 2015


Software: After Effects; Element 3D; Illustrator

Motion graphic

See better, work better

Another one in the series of animations of Philips workshop lamps. Why show it in pictures, when you can afford to show it in video!

Rendered at Red Pimiento - Vijzelgracht 53B, 1017HP Amsterdam

22 January, 2016


Software: MoI3D; Octane Render; Photoshop; Zeuxis

Concept Packaging 3D Rendering

look...we need to be premium

Time for completion: 1 day! It was one of those projects you later look back at and think: I don't know how I did that, but I don't think I could pull it off again! I like working on concepts because I can go a little wild (but still reasonable) and push myself with a dose of uncertainty. Uncertainty makes my intuition stronger and intuition is good - it's controlled improvisation. And that's why, I think, you can't believe you pulled something off when you look back later!

Property of Red Pimiento - Vijzelgracht 53B, 1017HP Amsterdam

3 March, 2015


Software: After Effects; Illustrator

Motion graphic

The globe spinns round a gpu

Good old fassioned, all 2D, all native, motion graphics.